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Welcome to Farm Fresh Co-op


Our food philosophy is simple:

All natural, nutrient rich, whole foods are best produced using organic agricultural methods with minimal processing.

Our mission: Eat Fresh Organic Food & Stay Healthy!

Our mission is to help and support each other take advantage of group food buying opportunities, to provide information on long-term food storage for economy, and to become better prepared for emergencies and disasters.


Who are we?
We are a community of cooperative neighbors who focus on bulk food sharing of safe, Non-GMO, fresh and nutritious food for the good health of our families.

Offered by appointment:

Free demonstrations & hands on learning for:
  • Year-round self-sustaining organic gardening
  • Outdoor & solar cooking,
  • Time-saving food preparation,
  • Grinding & milling,
  • Making dairy products,
  • Vacuum food preservation,
  • The world of herbs,
  • Being prepared for emergencies


To schedule an appointment  901-476-6977.



Calling All Neighbors!

Do you know anyone who has extra vegetables to share? Do you know anyone who has a fruit tree in their yard?  Perhaps a Fig tree, Apple tree or a Pear tree that is overloaded with fruit that needs picking?   

Please don't let fresh fruit rot on the tree or rot on the ground!  Let someone else, harvested it.

Please ask them to contact the Farm Fresh Co-op at 901-476-6977